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Concussions are serious brain injuries
learning to identify the signs and symptoms
brain injury that causes changes in how the brain functions
7 days to appear
headache, dizziness
difficulty concentrating or remembering
depression, irritability
drowsiness, difficulty falling asleep
jarring impact to the head, face, neck or body
even if there has been no loss of consciousness
X-rays, or standard CT and MRI scans
identified by a designated and specifically-trained first responder
self-report any signs or symptoms of a concussion to your teacher/coach/trainer/parents
friend/teammate may not be in a position to recognize the signs and symptoms
immediately or take hours or even days to exhibit
remove the student from physical activity for 24 hours
continue with school and monitor
contact parent/guardian
the incident, no physical activity and monitoring student while at home for 24 hours
Sample Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion
principal of incident
Monitor the student for 24 hours
student permitted to resume physical activity
child needs urgent medical assessment
parent/guardian takes child for urgent medical assessment
medical doctor or nurse practitioner, who would follow-up with informed medical management
consult with a medical concussion specialist